Battle of Worms

Battle of Worms 1.0

A free action game with Power Rangers characters battling with huge worms
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Battle of Worms is a flash action game. This game is based on the Power Rangers Mystic Force characters. As one of those characters, you have to rescue the villagers in the forest. They are in danger because enormous worms are attacking them. You must guide your dragon to catch each villager and then fly to the nearest platform to leave them in a safe place. You must avoid being hit by the worms' fire - if they touch you, you will lose health. When you run out of health, the game is over.

By using the spacebar, you can fire at the worms and destroy them. You must hit them in their mouth; otherwise, they will not be harmed. On the bright side, neither your fire nor the worm’s fire, will not hurt the villagers. You can pick up some power-ups during the game. If you fly over a shield, your health will increase. If you fly over a blue star, you will become invincible for a while.

The game has three levels. You will advance to a next level once you have reached the goal on the current one. When you finish the last level, you will be offered to play again or submit your scores. The latter option cannot be chosen, though.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It is too easy - you can complete the three levels in no time
  • It is not possible to submit your score
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